Learn Russian at Narva College

The city of Narva is located on the border of Estonia and Russia, just 130 kilometres from St. Petersburg. Narva also takes pride in having the most Russian speakers of any city in the European Union: up to 97% of its citizens are native Russian speakers. This puts Narva, a city of about 60,000 residents, on the map for anybody interested in learning about the Russian language and culture.

Since the summer of 2014, the University of Tartu Narva College has hosted a growing number of student groups and individual learners from the United States, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, as well as from Estonia itself. 


Intensive Russian courses

Tailored courses

Each group will receive a unique approach and a tailored course schedule in order to best accommodate the language level and main topics of each individual group. The courses are taught by lecturers from the University of Tartu.

Immersive language environment

The Russian-speaking environment outside the classroom strongly supports the overall progress of language acquisition. Additional daily contact with the locals can be integrated into the course programme in several ways, such as host family accommodation, tandem learning with Russian-speaking students at Narva College, and involvement in volunteer activities at various organisations in Narva.

Expertise in Russian society

Throughout history, life in Narva has always been connected to life in Russia just across the border. Special lectures providing an authentic insight into Russian society and culture, given by local historians, journalists, and experts from the Department of Slavic Studies of the University of Tartu, can be included in the course programme in order to complement language learning.


Example courses

Russian Conversational Language (level A2)
Duration 15 study days, 5 EAP

Practical Russian (level B2)
Duration 20 study days, 6 EAP

Russian Language Summer Course

Language immersion program for learners of Russian as a foreign language (levels А2->В1.1)

Volume: 6 ECTS (80 classroom hours, 76 hours of independent work of students)

Dates: 03.07.–28.07.2023

Study place: Narva, Estonia

Aim of the course: to improve the student's skills in Russian as a foreign language in everyday, socio-cultural and educational areas of communication.

Lecturer: Liudmila Udalova, MA

Study fee: 900 EUR + VAT if applicable. Does not include housing and meals.

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