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Exchange studies

Narva College follows the academic traditions of the renowned University of Tartu and places a special emphasis on the quality of education and multilingualism. Furthermore, the learning environment in the college itself is multilingual: Estonian, Russian and English reflect the language strategies in the surrounding border region and provide the ground for methodological development, research and practice.

We welcome you to spend a semester or two in Narva!

To start the process of applying to Narva College as an exchange student, before submitting your application to the University of Tartu, please contact the international office at your home university. Please keep in mind that even though all of the nominations are processed through the departments, your application will go through the central Study Abroad Centre of the University of Tartu. 

More detailed information about the application procedure at the University of Tartu can be found here.


Does this programme suit me?

If we have an agreement with your university, then most definitely, yes. You will find plenty of opportunities while studying here:

  • if you are interested in English linguistics and at the same time want to improve your pedagogical skills.
  • if you are a fellow youth worker willing to find out more about the Estonian experience in using digital technologies for working with young people.
  • if you want to learn Russian as a foreign language and immerse yourself in the Russian-speaking environment. 
  • if you are an IT student willing to enhance the basic skills acquired at your home university,

Why choose us?

New place to explore. An exchange semester combines studies and adventure. As a student, you can take this opportunity to live in a place you might never visit if not for the exchange semester. The small northern country of Estonia, also called e-Estonia for its advanced e-technologies, and the city of Narva, located at the Estonian border with Russia, is the perfect setting for such an adventure.  

Quality of education. Being one of the regional departments of the University of Tartu, Narva College has a highly qualified academic staff of teachers helping the university to be within 1.2% of world's best universities in the world. Our academic community is always working on the improvements in our focus areas, happy to learn something new and always ready to share the experience we already have with our partners.

Personal approach. Even though we have a considerable number of international students, rather few of them are exchange students, which guarantees a personal approach to each and every one selecting us as their Erasmus destination. We understand that the first Erasmus experience can be overwhelming, so we will always help you to find accommodation, choose appropriate courses, meet interesting people, get acquainted with the local community and culture or deal with health-related issues at the polyclinic if needed.

Learning Russian in an immersive environment. Narva is the most Russian-speaking city in the EU, which has made it a top destination for Europeans and Americans interested in learning the Russian language and culture. The Russian language pervades the local daily life, and the intensive language course will send you back home with a feeling of satisfaction for your progress in Russian.

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