Career counselling

Career counsellor at UT counselling center helps students to:

  • better understand themselves (including analysing their knowledge, abilities, skills, interests, values, needs and characteristics);
  • choose their specialisation and make decisions related to their further education plans;
  • see and evaluate the real situation (including study and work opportunities);
  • plan their work life (including applying for a job, drawing up documents and preparing for a job interview);
  • if necessary, re-evaluate the situation and make new choices and decisions.

Counselling is for free and available in Tartu and online. You will find more information and booking for counselling HERE.

Psychological counselling

Naise portree

Psychological counselling aims to support students if problems arise during their studies or in their personal lives.

Counselling Center psychologist at Narva College is Anu Leuska.

Registration for counseling via e-mail:

Psychological help outside of Narva College:

Phone counselling: (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Emotional support helpline from 19:00–7:00: 655 8088 (in Estonian), 655 5688 (in Russian)

Counselling students with special needs

Students with special needs are University of Tartu students whose physical or psycho-social special needs create the necessity to adapt the organisation of the work or study environment in order to guarantee an opportunity for maximum participation in the study process and individual development. Counselling is available in Tartu and online. More information and registration for counselling HERE.

Workshops of Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre counsellors conduct workshops for University of Tartu students (including college students) on different topics that support studies and the planning of work life. These workshops are free for students. Workshops are available in Tartu and online.

Workshop calendar can be found HERE.