The dormitory of Narva College is situated in a new building shared with the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. The building is unique in its layout and ergonomics: the first floor is made of concrete and the remaining three of wood. The lower space of the dormitory houses a swimming pool. The prices vary between 125 and 250 EUR. Please, keep in mind that only the Kerese 14 building is in Narva, the rest of the dormitories are situated in Tartu.

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For those preferring a lower-budget option, the college has an agreement with the Sillamäe vocational school (the city is situated 20 km from Narva). The Sillamäe dormitory has also been renovated quite recently, but has a stricter set of rules, as its primary inhabitants (the vocational school students) are younger than 18. The prices for this dormitory start from 75 EUR. You can reach Narva via regular free of charge buses from Sillamäe.

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Concerning the accommodation in town, it is possible to rent a one-room apartment for 50-100 EUR. A standard price for a two-room apartment is around 150 EUR. However, utilities are usually also covered by a tenant and vary approximately from 30-50 EUR in summer and 60-100 EUR in winter. The final utility costs depend on your consumer habits.

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The modern building combines an innovative study environment featuring present-day conveniences, while paying homage to the former old town.
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