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Intensive Estonian course 

To start studies in an Estonian-taught curriculum of Narva College, at least a B2 level of Estonian is required. Depending on the curriculum, 50%–80% of courses are taught in Estonian. Some courses are taught in Russian or English.  

However, it is possible to apply to three of our curricula without previous knowledge of Estonian. 

International applicants to the curricula

  • "Information Technology Systems Development"
  • "Languages and Multilingualism in School" or
  • "Youth Work"

do not have to know Estonian before applying.

If admitted, they are expected to complete the intensive Estonian course of 60 ECTS before starting to take the courses of their curriculum. In the first academic year, the student must reach the B1 or B2 level in Estonian. 

Completing the intensive Estonian course extends the student's standard period of study by one year. 

To continue their studies and find a job in their field, students are expected to keep improving their Estonian skills in the following years. 

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